Bible (9 semester hours)

BI 6303 Exploring the Bible

BI 6307 A Breviary of Theology

BI 6350 Hermeneutics

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (18 semester hours)

PE 6301 Political Thought and Theory

PE 6302 American Politics and Government

PE 6303 Economics:  Principles and Praxis

PE 6304 International Relations

PE 6305 Understanding Cultures and Worldviews

PE 6306 Comparative Political Systems

Electives (choose four):

PE 6310 Politics and Society in the Two Koreas

PE 6311 The Korean Peninsula: An American Concern

PE 6312 Modern World History

PE 6313 Study of War and Peace

PE 6314 Issues within American Politics and Society

PE 6315 International Economic Development

PE 6316 Sociology and Anthropology  

PE 6330-9 Selected Topics

Selected topics in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

ML 6302 The Christian Leader

GL 6321 Rhetoric and Communication

GL 6322 Capstone Project

Global Leadership (9 semester hours)